Annual 100 Kilotons Activated Carbon Preparation Project

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This customer is an activated carbon manufacturer. Considering the environmental protection effect, automation degree, equipment maintenance cycle and other factors, the customer chose the vertical mill. The company’s professional and technical personnel compared to a number of vertical mill manufacturers on the market, finally chose ZENITH. This equipment configuration plan is made by ZENITH and the customer’s technical personnel.

Material: Coal, semi-coke, asphalt mixture

Input size: ≤20mm

Output Size: 200mesh D90

Capacity: ≥20t/h

The noise is below 85db. The full seal system works under the state of negative pressure without dust flying. It’s very eco-friendly. And the capacity also reached our requirement. We’re satisfied with ZENITH’s LM Vertical Grinding Mill. 

  • LM190 Vertical Grinding Mill
  • Enclosed quantitative feeder
  • Electric control cabinet